Arturo Fuente

8-5-8, Claro, Maduro, Natural, Rosado

858 Specifications:

  1. Length: 6
  2. Ring: 47
  3. Shape: Parejo
  4. Wrapper Type: Cameroon
  5. Binder: Dominican Republic
  6. Filler: Dominican Republic
  7. Origin: Dominican Republic
  8. Strength: Mellow - Medium
  9. Wrapper Color: Medium Brown / EMS


The classic 8-5-8 has been pleasing Arturo Fuente fans for decades. A rich nutty blend of aged Dominican fillers covers a rare African Cameroon wrapper. Today, this cigar remains a timeless classic. Packaged as a single cigar.


The Arturo Fuente 8-5-8 Flor Fina Candela is a lighter version of this popular Fuente classic. This cigar is wrapped in a rare, Candela (a/k/a Claro, Jade) leaf presenting a much milder smoke. If you like the Cameroon and Maduro, complete the set and try a box.


The 8-5-8 Flor Fina Maduro is a nicely proportioned cigar with a toothy, perfectly-cured Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper that's naturally sweet. The smoke is mild, cedary and well-balanced.


Catch the buzz on these awesome Arturo Fuente King B cigars highlighted by a lush Ecuadorian Rosado wrapper. Due to its shape, this voluptuous figurado is very flavorful, complex and won't sting your palate. An enjoyable 'after-dinner' cigar brimming with sweet cedar aged flavors. A MUST-SMOKE.


The Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente natural is one of the hardest cigars to find, so if you see them in stock, don't delay. Made with smooth, aromatic, Connecticut shade wrappers and blanketed inside cedar sleeves, the Chateau Fuente offers a mild, memorable smoke.

Arturo Fuente

  • One of the best cigars in the entire Arturo Fuente line. The 8-5-8 Flor Fina is a well-proportioned cigar with an attractive, perfectly-aged Cameroon wrapper that's silky and sweet. The smoke is mild, cedary in character and well-balanced. Hurry, though. When in stock, these tend to move fast.
  • Cazadores
  • Chateau Fuente King B/King T
  • Chateau: Connecticut, Maduro
  • Cuban Belicoso
  • Curly Head Maduro
  • Don Carlos: #2, #3, #4, Belicoso, Presidente, Robusto
  • Double Chateau: Connecticut, Maduro
  • Exquisito
  • Hemingway Series: Between The Lines, Short Story (Cameroon, Maduro), Signature
  • Magnum Rosado: 52, 60