Founded by Robert Caldwell in 2014

About Caldwell

    Robert Caldwell is the face of Caldwell Cigar Co., a company founded in 2014 that produces its core line of cigars at Tabacalera William Ventura in the Dominican Republic. Caldwell entered the cigar industry in 2008, when he launched a a concierge-like service that provides cigars and cigar accessories to high-end hotels and restaurants. Today, his portfolio boasts over 10 brands made in three different countries, and he’s known for his popular collaborative blending projects with other cigarmakers.

Our Caldwell Selection
Blind Man’s Bluff: Connecticut (Toro), Maduro (Magnum, Toro)
Eastern Standard: Corretto, Cypress Room, Euro Express, Manzanita
Long Live The King: Manzanita, MAD MF
The T: Connecticut (Short Robusto, Double Robusto)

Tabacalera William Ventura

Central Cigars carries Caldwell cigars, one of the most famous and beloved names in the cigar industry, and anyone who's tried one of these masterful handmade masterpieces can attest. All of Caldwell’s creations are unique, from the mellow and creamy Eastern Standard to the full-bodied favorite Funfetti, but they all share that signature, expert Caldwell care— aged, top-quality ingredients, complex blends, and construction that keeps the flavor consistent and delicious right down to every nub.