The World´s Finest Cigar

About Cohiba

    Cohiba cigars are the most well-known cigars in the entire world. Need more info than that? You got it. Synonymous with extravagant taste and complex flavor, true cigar enthusiasts know Cohiba to be one of the best cigars brands around. Originally crafted in the streets of Havana, Cuba, this is a classic that everyone’s heard of. Today, these premium handmade cigars are manufactured in the Dominican Republic, but they’ve stayed just as delicious and artistic as they were from the start.

Our Cohiba Selection
Cohiba Blue Clasico
Nicaragua en Crystale
Toro Tubo

The Worlds Finest Cigar

Central Cigars carries five lines of the General Cigar Cohiba family. In addition to the general Cohiba line, we have the signature Cohiba Red Dot line of medium profile cigars. The Cohiba Black line offers something for those with a taste for the rich Maduro-style wrappers while the Cohiba Edicion Diamante is a rare specimen featuring a Cameroon wrapper that is over 35 years old. Cohiba Nicaragua presents fuller-flavored cigars using some of the finest leaves from this up-and-coming region.