Drew Estate

Manufactured in Nicaragua

About Drew Estate

    The Drew Estate story is one of daring, heartbreak & success but, most of all, one of passion for cigars and the country of Nicaragua, where we have been making cigars since 1998. Jonathan Drew & Marvin Samel are not your average cigar makers, their story does not start in Cuba, or with fathers in the cigar business.

  1. STRENGTH: Flavored
  2. COUNTRY: Nicaragua
  3. WRAPPER: Varies
  4. SHAPES: Belicoso, Churchill, Gordo, Lonsdale, Petit Corona, Robusto, Toro

Our Drew Estate Selection
Acid: 1400cc, Acid One, Atom Maduro, Blondie, Blondie Belicoso, C-Notes, Cold Infusion, Extra Ordinary Larry, Isla del Sol Robusto, Juicy Lucy, Kuba Grande, Kuba Kuba
Deadwood: Fat Bottom Betty, Crazy Alice
Deadwood: Fat Bottom Betty, Crazy Alice
Joya de Nicaragua: Cinco Decadas (Diadema, El General)
La Liga Privada: #9 (Belicoso, Corona Doble, Coronets Tins, Flying Pig, Petit Corona, Robusto, Toro, Tubo), T52 (Belicoso, Corona Doble, Coronets Tins, Flying Pig, Petit Corona, Robusto, Toro, Tubo), UF-13, Unico Serie (Dirty Rat, Feral Flying Pig, LP-40, Nasty Fritas, Papas Fritas, Ratzilla, Velvet Rat)
Tabak Special Cafeita: Dulce, Negra
Undercrown: Maduro (Coronets Tins, Gordito, Robusto, Tubo), Shade (Coronets Tins, Flying Pig, Gordito, Robusto, Tubo), Sungrown (Robusto)

Acid Cigars

Acid is one of the most unique cigars on the market. Manufactured in Nicaragua by Drew Estate, the Acid brand features a vast assortment of luscious aromatic blends. Rather than using traditional curing barns, Drew Estate cures tobaccos in what they refer to as “Aroma Rooms.” These rooms contain over 150 different herbs, oils, spices and botanicals which infuse the tobacco leaves with aroma over time.

Each Acid cigar offers a unique blend and flavor profile:

  • 1400CC – Creamy cloves and herbs offer hints of lilac tea.
  • Acid One – A rosy spice finishes with a sweet aroma.
  • Atom Maduro – Cinnamon, spices and cocoa agree with perfection.
  • Blondie – A flavorful smoke laced with many herbal, floral and exotic aromas.
  • Blondie Belicoso – A range of sweet floral notes with a buttery spice intensifies.
  • Blondie Maduro – Tea, clove, herbs and floral notes are sweetly concentrated.
  • Cold Infusion Tea – Creamy and herbal notes abound in a peppery draw.
  • Deep Dish – Earthy, hearty notes of tea include a hint of succulent lilac.
  • Earthiness – Chewy aromas of damp grass and pine surface with a sweet finish.
  • Extra Ordinary Larry Maduro – Notes of leather and cocoa entice.
  • Krush Tins Blue – A pint-sized concentration of Kuba Kuba’s sweet herbs.
  • Krush Tins Gold – Creamy, exotic spices emerge in a small format.
  • Krush Tins Green – Notes of grass and green tea reveal a buttery finish.
  • Krush Tins Morado – Rich, earthy floral show up in a smooth draw.
  • Krush Tins Red – A chocolaty demeanor entices from start to finish.
  • Kuba Deluxe – Fortified spices with an added sweet dimension impress.
  • Kuba Grande – Clove, herbs, tea and lilac are present in a big, cool draw.
  • Kuba Kuba – Hints of clove, herbs, tea and lilac bear an intriguing room note.
  • Kuba Kuba Maduro – Notes of raisins, clove and lilac combine.
  • Liquid – Zesty overtones of spice translate into a floral smoothness.
  • Nasty – Bitter cocoa and clove chases an potent, earthy presence.
  • Roam – Light and creamy traces of cocoa become spicier.
  • Toast – A buttery and smoky draw offers a peppery succulent profile.
  • Wafe – An exotic intensity is both bold and sweet.