One of the best-selling cigar brands in America

About Macanudo

    A Gem from the Dominican Republic You'll understand why Macanudo is one of the best-selling cigar brands in America when you taste the consistency and smoothness of each handmade cigar. Enjoy the great tasting Macanudo cigar line which will deliver a mellow and enjoyable flavor from the Connecticut shade wrapper time and time again. Since 1971, the Macanudo brand has been the cigar of choice for novice and enthusiast alike. This hand-rolled cigar from the Dominican Republic is simply hard not to love. Grab your low priced Macanudo cigars like the Macanudo Cafe, Cru Royale, Maduro, Gold and more. Get the best of the best cigars from the Macanudo portfolio here at Central Cigars.

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Top Selling Cigar in the USA

An unwavering commitment to quality and unique combinations of the finest wrapper and filler tobaccos have made Macanudo Cigars the number one selling premium cigar brand in the United States today and one of the most recognized brands in the world. Macanudo takes pride in the smoothness, consistency, and rich, distinctive flavor of their cigars. This comes from the careful selection of throughly aged tobaccos paired with Connecticut Shade wrappers they grow, cure, and age twice themselves. The incredible attention to detail and the unsurpassed effort that goes into the creation of all the Macanudo Cigar lines is truly a wonder to behold