Tobaccos aged in whiskey barrels

About Padron Cigars

    The Padron family began making premium cigars in Miami in 1964. Today Padron Cigars are made in their facility in Nicaragua. These exquisite smokes are blended from carefully aged tobaccos to produce cigars that are considered by some to be the finest in the world. The original Padron Series Cigars employ sun-grown Habano tobacco that is aged for over two years for a balanced yet bold spicy flavor. Padron 1964 Cigars uses four year-old tobaccos resulting in a smoke that is smooth as silk. The exquisite Padron 1926 line uses tobaccos aged five years to create a creamy smooth and balanced smoke with a flavor that is incredibly dense and silky. The Padron Family Reserve is a line of cigars produced using specially cured tobaccos aged a full 10 years for a flavor so incredible, you’ll end up burning your thumb trying not to part with it. This rare and limited blend was released as a series of six cigars honoring the company's 50th anniversary. Treat yourself to a Padron cigar today, but be forewarned, it may be hard to smoke anything else!

    Our Padron Cigar Selection
    2000 Maduro
    7000 Maduro
    1926: #9 (Natural, Maduro), #90 Tubo, 80th
    1964: Corona, Exclusivo (Natural, Maduro), Principe (Natural, Maduro)
    Corticos: Natural, Maduro
    Damaso: #12, #15, #17
    Family Reserve: #45, #46, #85

One of the Best Cigars Period!

So what makes Padron one of the top cigar brands? It’s simple — they’re family owned, and they pay personal attention to every single premium cigar that comes out of their highly-esteemed factory. That quality control isn’t just talk, either — in all our years enjoying cigars we’ve never had a “bad” Padron. It just doesn’t happen. The only question now is where to start. If you’re looking for a mellower cigar, check out Padron Damaso — it’s a newer release in their legacy, but is one of our favorite Connecticuts on the market. And of course the standard Padron cigar is a great place to start: 93-rated, Nicaraguan made box-pressed cigars, with a delicious and complex array of flavors.